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Top Destinations By Treatment 2015



Treatment: Addiction and Recovery

Crossroads Centre, a 12-step addiction and recovery program founded by Eric Clapton, has welcomed international patients from 30 countries.

Approximate Savings 40%
Cities: St. Johns



Treatment: Fertility/IVF

Barbados Fertility Centre offers IVF and a host of fertility treatments at 40-60% savings. Success rates are improved over conventional strategies by offering a stress-reduced environment in a resort setting.

Approximate Savings 40-50% (IVF)
Cities: Bridgetown



Treatment: Cosmetic Surgery, Organ Transplants

Luxury medical travelers often visit the world-renown Ivo Pitanguy Clinic. Mostly a destination for the luxury traveler seeking “celebrity” doctors. Large medical centers offer excellent complex care.

Approximate Savings 20-30%
Cities: Sao Paulo, Rio De Janeiro


Costa Rica

Treatment: Dentistry, Cosmetic Surgery

Dentist’s lobbies in San Jose and swanky suburb Escazu are filled with Americans and Europeans seeking savings on expensive restorative and cosmetic work (Crowns, bridges, implants, dentures etc.). Meza Clinic is fully accredited by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

Approximate Savings 30-70%
Cities: San Jose



Treatment: Dentistry

Germans, Austrians, Swiss and other patrons flock to Hungary for cost savings on dental work. One town–Gyor–in Northwest Hungary, boasts more than 150 dental clinics serving international patients.

Approximate Savings 40-75% (for restorative and cosmetic procedures)
Cities: Gyor, Budapest



Treatment: Orthopedics, Cardiology

India is the world’s medical travel “thrift” destination with savings of 60-90% on an array of procedures. Harvard-affiliated Wockhardt Hospital has performed more than 20,000 heart procedures, with 98%+ success rates (surpassing US and EU standards).

Approximate Savings 50-85% (for restorative and cosmetic procedures)
Cities: New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore



Treatment: Fertility/IVF

Israel is one of the world’s top producers of medical instrumentation, and a well-known center for inexpensive fertility treatments.

Approximate Savings 30-50% (IVF)
Cities: Jerusalem, Tel Aviv



Treatment: All Specialties; Health Screenings

Malaysia is medical travel’s best-kept secret, with fluent English spoken everywhere and cost savings comparable to India in less culturally jarring setting. Savvy patients can obtain a full executive “well-man” or “well-woman” screening–including vision, dental, hearing,MRI, PET Scan–for around $US1500–more than enough savings to pay for a vacation in Kuala Lumpur and environs.

Approximate Savings 70% Executive Health Screening
Cities: Kuala Lumpur, Penang



Treatment: Dentistry, Bariatrics

Monterrey boasts four first-rate American-accredited hospitals offering bariatrics and weight-management programs to obese Americans at 40-60% savings.Each year more than 50,000 Americans cross borders into Mexico for dental work alone.

Approximate Savings 30-60% (Dentistry) 40-70% (Bariatrics)
Cities: Monterrey, Tijuana, Juarez, Puerto Vallarta



Treatment: All Specialties; Stem Cell/Regenerative

Singapore ranks 6th in healthcare worldwide (compared to the US 36th ranking (source: World Health Organization). For cancer, Singapore’s clinics and hospitals boast some of the world’s best diagnostics. Patients visit for diagnosis, then head home for treatment. John’s Hopkins International Medical Centre in Singapore specializes in cancer treatments.

Approximate Savings 30-40%
Cities: Singapore


South Africa

Treatment: Cosmetic Surgery, Cardiac

The classic “Surgeon & Safari” cosmetic surgery destination. World’s first heart transplant performed at Christiaan Barnard Medical Center in Cape Town

Approximate Savings 40%
Cities: Cape Town, Johannesburg



Treatment: All procedures

Thailand boasts world-renown Bumrungrad International, the grandaddy of international hospitals and Asia’s first American accredited facility, with 225 US board certified physicians and surgeons. BI welcomes 400,000 international patients annually from 120 countries, including 25,000 American patients each year. Thailand also known for meticulous cosmetic surgery, including gender reassignment. Dr. Preecha, a most wellknown for these procedures, has performed 3500 sex reassignment surgeries.

Approximate Savings 40-75%
Cities: Bangkok, Phuket



Treatment: Vision, Hair Transplants

Closer to the US and EU and a coveted tourist destination, Turkey has more American-accredited hospitals (41) than any other country. Tourists take vacation breaks for inexpensive eye check-ups and LASIK treatments. Dunya Goz World Eye Centers, based in Istanbul, have centers all over Europe and Asia.

Approximate Savings 40-50% (LASIK)
Cities: Istanbul